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Packing a Backpack

Some people find their packs are still too heavy, even after careful planning and packing. Unless the trip is going to be a lengthy expedition, however, with effort you can probably find ways to reduce the weight. Chances are that you still have quite a few nonessentials in the pack which could be weeded out. An experienced friend with an impartial eye could help with this.

Typical problem areas where people go overboard include: bringing a large kit of personal toiletries (the items could be repackaged in tiny plastic bottles), an arsenal of reading material (one small paperback is probably sufficient, except on an extended trip), many changes of underwear (two or three are enough, since they can be washed out as needed), and far too much food.

Virtually all camping items like flashlights, cooking pots, and stoves come in miniature, extralight versions these days. Obtaining these will make it much easier to keep the total weight down. If you’re only taking short trips, it’s not necessary to run out and replace everything you already own with a super-light-and-compact version. If you become committed to this kind of camping, however, you’ll want to keep an eye out for such items and accumulate them over time.

Susquehanna Running through central Pennsylvania, the colonial Susquehanna River Valley lay between the Delaware River Valley to the east, the land of the Iroquois and New York to the north, and the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes region to the west. Pennsylvania and Iroquois officials recognized the great commercial and strategic value of a region that bordered so many different colonies and empires, and shared control of it through the 1750s. Both encouraged numerous groups of Europeans and Native Countrys to settle in the Susquehanna, and Iroquois and Pennsylvania officials promoted trade, accommodation, and peace between the groups who settled there. After 1750, however, this long but fragile peace fell apart. The region plunged into two decades of war that ultimately drove the Susquehanna’s indigenous peoples into the Ohio Country, opening the entire valley to settlement by European Countrys.

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