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But for now all you can do is turn back and Malawi Map go back the way you came – unless you, like me in the days before disused railways Malawi Map became more walker-friendly, have cultivated above-average vaulting skills and are prepared for your clothes to invite the attentions of the native brambles and your legs the voracious appetites of the indigenous canines. Chapter Two Best Town Walk ACCESS BY CAR: Petworth stands at the junction of the A272, A283 and A285 in West Sussex, 14 miles north-east of Chichester, 20 miles south of Guildford. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Buses from Chichester, Midhurst and Pulborough. Very limited service Sundays and Bank Holidays. START AND FINISH: The main car park, Petworth. LENGTH: Approximately 2 miles in aggregate.

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