Bussana Vecchia – Charming Small Italian Town

Hey it is another day in me Hey everybody we are going to Italy enjoy the Sun yeah hello.

So we have started our roadtrip, I’m really excited. Because I haven’t done driving or we’re car road trips in Europe before. So I think it’s a little different way of travel, and it should be fun we have arrived at a very small town in the middle of nowhere it was quite hard to find it’s kind of really completely you know it’s a good combination of the Italian laid-back feeling. But with the charm of the French everything’s mean dancing gorgeous gorgeous. So we’re just gonna walk around, and explore it, and see what we come across. So it’s quite like a maze here we’ve just come up this, and it’s a dead-end we go down there it’s a dead-end. So we’re trying to kind of find our way, and all of these little streets.

Bussana Vecchia – Charming Small Italian Town Photo Gallery

So pretty here. So pretty such a sense of discovery here everything is everything is so beautiful. So many places to explore you have a bouquet there Davi oh pretty.

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