Hey everybody. And welcome to not an exotic location, this is just Canada, but this one post.

I thought. I would do it what did. I eat in the day here at home in Canada instead of when.

I’m on the road. So there’s gonna be cooking involved. So breakfast let’s get started pretty much know every single breakfast.


I have here in Canada. I have a super smoothie very boring but. I love it, it’s like the kickstart of my day.

I don’t bother with measurements um, but first off we got some hemp hearts we’re gonna put that in like that much, this is not the right container for it, but it is flaxseed all right. So, this is a supplement that. I use basically, it’s meant for athletes but.

I think keep active. So, you know that qualifies, this is one of the proteins. I’m trying out.

I like to dairy up my protein powder try different things then. I will do chia seeds. I always make the green Smitty I’ll either do kale or spinach today.

I’ve got spinach. I like to just make it a little bit more sweet. So I’ll add some tropical fruit there we go.

And now we have our fruit blend it is quite a bit of water deseeded again, this is a guessing game. And we’re done oh my gosh it is amazing amazing guys. I know.

I might not believe meaning of what, this is amazing so I thought for lunch. I would actually prepare the ingredients beforehand if you want to eat healthy learn to love salads.

And I’m not talking about boring salads learn to love yummy nutritious even though this salad is not the most creative salad that. I’ve ever made my bowl of lettuce.

So that’s just some regular lettuce that. I have. I put a couple bits of spinach in there.

And then. I’ve chopped up some cucumber. So let’s have that all into the salad gonna add some baby carrots that.

I chopped up just like. So. And see how.

I’ve chopped it there then, you go like this and, you just squeeze the little Emeco squares Oh normally. I don’t add raspberries into my salad. So we got lots of vegetables we’ve got some fats we’ve got some sweetness.

I’m gonna put some these are pumpkin seeds. I’m going to add those in for some crunch. And for some protein.

And nuttiness simply natural organic Italian roast red pepper dressing my go-to dressing does boom on top. And of course. I’m gonna top it off with a beautiful combo chattering, this is roads.

And what kind of uh trenched shrubs Rolanda aren’t you. So proud of me all right look at this lunch salad that is my salad that. I would typically eat at home good evening everybody, it’s all for dinner tonight we are doing.

I don’t know what’s call this dish, but basically. I’m making some quinoa which is currently on the stove who actually need to turn that down now that needs to go to a simmer. I’m gonna do it with some chili and I’ve chopped up some my tomatoes. And my mushrooms. and I’m gonna just kind of like add those in there like. So. And now we’re good with that on the stove we have a successful dinner, it’s still evening hot well that is that is a very hot dinner, but this looks delicious I’m.

So excited. I hope, you enjoyed it if you want to see more of my attempt at cooking. And what.

I cook let me know down below I’ll see, you guys again. I been it nice. And healthy.

And a bull bear. I am really making my way through addition, it’s open very good. ?

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