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Introducing bait or ‘feeding’ the swim correctly is an essential part of canal fishing. While it is sometimes possible to throw small handfuls of bait or balls of groundbait in, this is not always accurate or practical.

Most canal fishing is about short-range accuracy with smallish amounts of bait, hence the ideal canal catapult is not a heavy duty lasher but a smaller model with fine elastic and a cute pouch which, with practice, can deliver regular helpings of bait in a tight area.

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When it comes to the ultimate in precision, however, nothing beats the pole cup. Some smaller models can be readily attached and detached from tip sections and used to deposit bait with a rig attached. Most serious pole anglers will have a special, purpose-made ‘cupping kit’ that will deliver a decent sized ball of groundbait or payload of bait.

Delivering your cargo smoothly takes a steady motion and a little practice. The easiest way, provided you are careful, is to assemble all the pole sections required before adding bait to the cup and attaching the top two. It is then a smooth, passing between the hands before the cup is upended – all achieved as accurately as if you’d fed by hand.

An area is primed for tench. Accurate loose feeding is a valuable skill for the canal-fisher.

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