Best Travel Destinations Winter

Best Travel Destinations Winter

Rory Pilkington, Managing Director, Bailey Robinson: “…Luxury travel means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge that every aspect will surpass expectation.”

This part of Rory’s definition qualifies you as well, regardless of how little money you might have to spend on your first or any trip.

So, at some point in time, decide and plan to, one day, go and see the amazing Wall of China or any of the “25 Places You Have To See Before You Die” like the Tianzi Mountains, China, and Santorini, Greece which I have been to twice.
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I can tell you; and, you can well believe that “every aspect” of a trip like that is bound to surpass your every possible expectation!

In fact, you can travel cheaply in Cambodia; and, still go and see the temples at Angkor Wat, home to the largest religious monument in the world.

Angkor Wat has been added to the list of Wonders of the World; and, it’s within your ability to visit it. Is that not fantastic?

You can likewise plan and go to Vietnam during any travel to Southeast Asia to see Halong Bay with its 3000 islets and limestone caves. The internet says, “Whatever budget you spare for your trip, you will get more than what you expect”. This certainly meets Rory’s definition of luxury travel.

That’s why so many persons start out travelling by going to Southeast Asia which is a virtual travel goldmine. In reality, it is a learning place for travelers – from preschool to postgraduate, where just about any budget can fit.

That’s why I recommend that you thoroughly research travelling there, with the possible intention to debut there.


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