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It is by p.m. on a Friday night here in Tokyo I had a check out of my apartment this morning I leave on a flight tomorrow. So that gives me one window one opportunity to check out with these capsule hotels here in Tokyo are all about I want to be good for salary men, and budget backpackers let’s go see for those that are unaware a capsule or pod hotel was developed in Japan do with the intention of creating a very cost, and space efficient overnight accommodation stop one put your shoes in the locker, and the lobby first, and then go to the front desk to arrange your stay here you can choose from a variety of different options including time frame, and packages okay rest when I do far just 90 it’s my number okay embed number seven five thank you next you must change into the clothing they provide this is what you’ll wear for the entire time you’re inside pajamas at all information on what, I’m doing oh nice the clothes are out by the front by the front yeah right across from the chicken chopping people up like.

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I’m a local it’s like first time laundry service got all these amenities here, and look at this beautiful male pampering room see we’ve got combed Foam spray hair, and this is like a day spa this is great in here let’s go check out the hot spring alright next step in order to go in the hot spring she’s gonna put your stuff in one of these lockers, and get naked locker one more key to bring with you all right after you lock everything up you get naked then you go behind this store this is the artificial hot spring door or the onsen this is where guys just can hang out, and be guys here are the rules no tattoos are drunk take your clothes off please wash your body after you carefully read through all the rules it’s time for a soak Japanese style I was.

So relaxing sitting in the hot tub having a nice shower sitting down, and then all the haircare products a guy could ask for come on let’s go check out some the other floors from the onsen you can go scheduled massage or head into the main dining area for some refreshments these massage vending machines the best thing about all these drinks, and free free iced tea free real gold feeling pretty relaxed let’s go little green tea the vending machines have everything fried chicken, and cup of noodles to beer, and ice cream, and then if you want to get one of the things that aren’t afraid like a cup of noodles or some chocolate or some of these snacks then you just put your keypad up there did you like that and, I’ll charge your own, and while there’s plenty of seating if you’re lucky you’ll find one of the limited edition special vibrating chairs that many of the castle cenotes will offer from here it’s time to go see your fat fill like a million bucks ready to go check out the room. So relax before we go into the room take a look at this even more areas for guys to get ready in the morning you can tell that this is a popular spot for salary men or guys with corporate jobs there’s a million places to get ready in the morning.

So when the running late to work or just running to work in general this is the place where they can going, and get ready everything is macula very well cleaned, and it’s looking down on Shinjuku right through there like a little oasis right here in the city it’s beautiful now let’s go check out our bed just a Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi nice what’s this information this is so cool I feel like, I’m on spaceship in the future I made it sweet the informational stuff alarm clock yeah there’s a plug right here I thought this is pretty impressive it’s better than any hostile I’ve ever stayed it very quiet we clean, and you get our condition I fit this perfectly just enough space my feet, I’m about hmm a half a foot in between I fit perfectly, and it’s a little bigger than I thought it was gonna be as well not too bad I don’t feel too claustrophobic there’s a hanger for my jacket like I said I got this TV right here, and some headphones if I wanted to just relax, and watch some TV it’s pretty comfortable actually that is really comfortable nice pillow got my alarm clock set I can understand why salaryman like this nice little getaway after a long day’s work you come here you take a hot bath you eat some food you drink a couple beers sit in a vibrating chair, and then you go pass out a little bad with your own TV it’s a pretty good setup very impressed feeling very very comfortable, I’m pleasantly surprised by this entire experience and, I’m just gonna put my headphones on watch a little TV, and then wake up early that’s it for me here hope you guys enjoyed this little tour the capsule hotel see ya.

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