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Katowice Subway Map To Charlotte


Btwn. Armory and Park Drs., 704/432-4280, www.charmeck. org HOURS: Daily dawn-dusk Map 4

It’s not the prettiest park in Charlotte, nor the largest, but Independence Park does have a place in the city’s history. The park was established in 1904 and was the first public park in Charlotte. Daniel Augustus Tompkins, founder of the Charlotte Observer, was behind the development of the park. Its most notable features are a rose garden with a gazebo and a bronze and stone memorial that is dedicated to a 21-year-old woman who died saving a young child in the Carolina Mountains.

1777 The British occupation of Philadelphia ends the United Company of Philadelphia for Promoting Country Manufactures. Katowice Subway Map The constitution of Vermont (at the time a district of New York) prohibits slavery. 1778 French entry into the Revolutionary War diverts the Royal Navy from attacks on Country shipping, leading to a revival of Country international trade. 1780 Pennsylvania passes a law for gradual emancipation of its slave population. 1781 On December 31, Congress incorporates the Bank of North Country. 1783 Trade with Great Britain is restored after the Treaty of Paris ends the Revolutionary War. William E. Burns Gender Issues 1607 Three vessels from a division of the English Virginia Company make landfall in the Chesapeake Bay, founding Jamestown, the first permanent, surviving English settlement in North Country. Of the 108 original members of the expedition, none were women.

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