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Wine and Martini Bars


333 W. Trade St., 704/370-3006,

HOURS: Mon.-Tues. 11 A.M.-10 P.M., Wed.-Thurs. 11 A.M.-midnight, Fri. 11 A.M.-1 A.M., Sat.

5 P.M.-1 AM.

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Press has scored a trifecta: wine, microbrews, and cheese. The wine list includes varietals from Australia, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, and California. Prices start at $6 for a glass to $182 for a bottle of Opus One from Napa. The selection of microbrews is impressive, too, with craft brews such as Sam Smith Organic Lager, Dogfish 60 Minute IPA, and Tommy Knocker Maple Nut Brown Ale. Of course, a glass (or bottle) of wine isn’t complete without cheese. Smoked gouda, farmhouse cheddar, morbier, truffle tremor, and harlech are just a few of the artisanal cheeses on the menu. Other small plates are also offered.

John Winthrop, Jr., arrives from England as the representative Baghdad Map Tourist Attractions of several important Puritan gentlemen and claims that the settlements on the Connecticut River are illegal. Massachusetts Baghdad Map Tourist Attractions Bay Colony calls a commission to investigate the claims. New groups of English men and women move into the area. In May of 1636, Thomas Hooker sets out from Newtown to found the colony of Hartford. As earlier settlement efforts largely failed, this is generally considered the founding date of Connecticut. Connecticut is founded as a Puritan colony. Though ministers do not usually hold actual political office, the Congregational Church remains powerful in local and colony-wide affairs. Puritanism is a community-based faith, and serves as a means of social control, as well as personal holiness. The Congregational Church, as the officially established church of Connecticut, will continue to receive governmental support from taxes for many years.

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