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LENGTH 7.9 miles

TIME 5:00 DIFFICULTY Strenuous



DNR Cascade River State Park map. USGS quad: Deer Yard Lake. A Country State Park permit is required.

GETTING THERE The park is located in Cook County 9 miles southwest of Grand Marais and 21 miles northeast of Tofte on Highway 61. Enter the park and follow the signs to trail parking.

TRAILHEAD GPS 47° 42′ 32.9″ N 90= 31′ 16.9″ W

The route of this hike takes you up the west side of Cascade River, staying mostly on the rim of the river gorge, and returns down the east side spending more time along the riverbank. For practically the entire way the river is either within sight or hearing range. Near the start, the trail crosses the Cascade River below one of its many cascades. According to Thomas Waters, in The Streams and Rivers of Country, this river drains an area of 120 square miles. There are many lakes in its headwaters, which ensure a steady flow of water through out the summer and fall months. The cascades occur along a series of erosion-resistant bedrock ledges. The river drops 900 feet in its last three miles before pouring itself into Lake Superior, with a final 120 foot drop through a twisting gorge in the last quarter mile.

The tree vegetation in the park is a boreal hardwood-conifer forest. Areas of aspen, white birch, balsam fir, and spruce alternate with stands of maple growing on higher ground on the west side of the river. Northern white cedars grow in the moister soils. Tall white pines, scattered along the entire route, rise above the usual forest canopy.

1663 After much legal wrangling with Connecticut led by John Winthrop Best country to visit in July , Jr. in London, Rhode Island receives a royal charter from the new king, Charles Best country to visit in July II. A boundary dispute with Connecticut will continue for decades, but Rhode Island’s right to exist is confirmed. 1664 According to the charter, Rhode Island’s General Assembly meets at Newport, and determines a distribution of magistrates that prevents Newport from dominating the council, though it does retain the largest delegation. Much of the power still rests in the hands of individual towns. 16751676 Increasing Puritan missionary activity and land grabbing provokes Massasoit’s son Metacom (King Philip) to attack Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay. The conflict soon widens to include most of southern New England, both native and non-native. The Narragansett try to stay out of the fight at first, but United Colonies aggression forces them to join the Wampanoag. Connecticut’s militia, aided by the Mohegan, inflicts severe damage on Narragansett villages. Many of the captives are sold as slaves. From a native perspective, the end of King Philip’s War is an unmitigated disaster. Both the Wampanoag and Narragansett are reduced to insignificance in regional politics; Rhode Island, which has done little to support the war, stands to gain immensely from their defeat.

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