Sabi Sands, South Africa

EVER HEARD THE ROAR OF A LION UP CLOSE? THE PRIMAL RATTLE WILL STIR you like nothing else and at Lion Sands Game Reserve, you’re highly likely to encounter these amazing big cats. Located in Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s most game-rich territories, you can sense (and hear) the animals all around you, day and night. Daily bush walks, game drives and hippo tours are guaranteed to bring you up close to the big five, and you’ll have some of the country’s best guides and trackers on hand to answer your questions – no matter how obscure they are! INSIDER TIP: Book Chalkley’s Treehouse and you can spend a night sleeping out in the open, under a thick canopy of stars.

CALLING ALL ECO-GODDESSES. THIS SUPERMODEL OF A RESORT IS ALSO ONE of Vietnam’s most sustainable. Situated on a private peninsula overlooking striking rock formations in the emerald waters of the East Vietnam Sea, its beautiful thatched villas blend perfectly with their surroundings making you feel at one with nature. A labyrinth of winding paths, roped walkways and stepping stones criss-cross the estate, and each villa comes with bikes so you can freewheel deep into the heart of this special island Set your alarm early and you can trek to the top of Heo Mountain, it’s an epic climb and at the summit, you’ll be completely immersed in mist. Cue seriously romantic kiss!

IP Join the hotel’s weekly trek to Bai Nho and you might catch a glimpse of the endangered black-shanked langur monkey.

Sabi Sands, South Africa Photo Gallery

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