Cologne Bonn Subway Map

We also noticed the barbeque grill in the chimney. The grill Harry used for entertaining guests or as a secret escape route from the fireplace in the den. Today the scouts have added a shingled peak to the roof. Still, it’s easy to see where the machine guns were positioned. Melissa crawled under the roof’s peak to explore. The original cement was still there covered with leaves.

Next we moved to the back of the house for a better view of the lake and 127-foot screened porch. Harry spared no expense. At that point it was time to go inside and thaw since our eyes had frozen open. The scouts were returning for their spaghetti dinner and invited us to join. As night approached the scouts left for their cabins and it was back to work.

For the second night everyone stayed together moving carefully from one area to the next. In the hall by the bedrooms, the EMF flew clear up to 14, then 17. What was it? Either we were with a very strong presence or the walls were bleeding electricity. After careful inspection, unfortunately, it was the later so onward we moved.

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