The English Bookshop US Map & Phone & Address

The English Bookshop US Map & Phone & Address

22 Rocky Neck Ave. Gloucester, (508) 283-8981

An interesting store operating out of an old house, the English Bookshop would be worth checking out solely for its Artists’ Gallery location, where amateur Picassos can be seen capturing the rustic beauty of Gloucester Harbor. But the store itself has an appeal of its own.

Scale the front staircase to the Upper Annex, the front lobby of which always displays books for purchase on the honor system. Older books, like a Dostoyevsky classic, are just 500 or three for a dollar. Talk about a place to stock up on summer reading! Then, assuming the rest of the store is open, walk into a room steeped with age for a wide variety of books on religion, languages, and history, at $4-$6 for most hardcovers.

Outside once more, duck past sweet-smelling honeysuckle bushes to the store’s lower room, in which crafts and toys complete with old, if not solely English, books for attention. Shakespeare and Chaucer abound as expected, along with other literary titles. Open afternoons only, Mondays through Saturdays. A-yuh, that’s New England all right quirky.

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