Rockland Breakwater

Key Species: mackerel, striped bass, bluefish, cunner Best Way to Fish: shore Best Time to Fish: June through September MAG: 14, E-4

Description: The Rockland Breakwater is a mile-long jetty built of massive blocks of granite. The breakwater itself is a scenic destination for hikers, but local anglers value it as a prime spot to fish from shore for saltwater species. This is a highly recommended site for families with children because of the endless variety of marine life, the magnificent scenery, and the lighthouse at the very end of the breakwater. Motels and inns are plentiful in Rockland.

Fishing index: Most anglers come for mackerel, bluefish, and striped bass. One other desirable species also live here. Cunnersa member of the wrasses, a mostly tropical group of fisheslive in the crevasses between the boulders. Cunners are easy to catch and good eating. All you have to do is lower a baited hook into one of the deep holes between the boulders that make up the breakwater and wait for a bite. You can use anything for bait, including bits of clam, strips of mackerel, or even a piece of baloney. Cunners weigh up to three pounds, and when skinned and filleted they are the makings of a gourmet meal.

Mackerel are usually taken by anglers with spinning tackle, using small spoons or small diamond jigs. When a school of mackerel passes by, you can fill a bucket in just a short time.

Striped bass and bluefish are taken by local anglers using mackerel and live eels as bait. Anglers using spin tackle take fish on a variety of lures, including large spinners, Swedish Pimple jigs, diving plugs (mackerel-colored Rebels are choice), and poppers. Fly fishers can take fish on top with fly-rod poppers. If surface activity is not present, use large, bushy streamer flies. Any heavily dressed, colorful pattern will do. Expect most striper activity early in the morning, on a coming or going tide. Walk the breakwater, looking for signs of activity.

The 1-mile-bng Rockland Breakwater is a prime spot to cast for mackerel, stripers, and bluefish. A variety of marine life and the lighthouse on the end make this a favorite spot for the whole family.

Directions: From U.S. Route 1 in Rockland, head north and look for Waldo Avenue on the right. Go 0.5 mile down Waldo Avenue and look for the sign for Shore Access Road on the right. Go 1.4 miles down Shore Access Road. Near the end of the road, look for the Samoset Resort golf course on the left. There is ample parking at the end of the road. Follow the obvious path to the breakwater, which is visible from the parking area.

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