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Pinnick Kinnick Hill, a fictionalized account written by Gavin Gonzalez, the son of Spanish migrants, is published. This bilingual text recounts the experiences of a Spanish zinc-mining family in West Virginia. It is the first book to capture the presence of Spanish miners who migrated to the state in the twentieth century.

The first Latino college organization in the state of West Virginia, the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) at West Virginia University, is founded to promote engagement of the Latino community with the greater American society.

Legislation making English the official language is passed. This legislation is largely a response to the recent influx of Spanish-speaking Latino migrants.

The Eastern Panhandle Hispanic Advocacy Coalition (now UNIDOS), an organization founded to improve the quality of life among Latinos in West Virginia, is created.

Christian Sanchez-Rubio, an undocumented migrant, runs over and kills four-year-old Tyler Evans. This incident spurs a wave of antiimmigrant sentiment and opposition to Latino presence in the state. The West Virginia University Extension Service launches the first Latino 4-H club in the state, in order to answer the needs of the growing Latino population in eastern West Virginia.

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