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1856 Centre St. West Roxbury; (617) 323-3233

Wow what a find. You could easily pass this small place by; from the outside, it looks like an average bakery with a few tables. But closer examination reveals a creative lunch and dinner menu, taking you from the Hub straight to the Continent

Afternoons feature such light fare as cheese tortellini salad with artichoke hearts ($4.95), as well as sandwiches but not just any old sandwiches. How bout hot veal with pesto, on a fresh baguette, all for $4.50? Mmmm.

At dinner, things get even more ambitious. Start off with an appetizer of pate de campagne ($3), again with a baguette; or perhaps a Salade Savoyarde ($4.50), with gruy re cheese, ham, walnuts, and Dijon vinaigrette over fresh greens. Entrees range from the traditional steak au poivre for $9.95 to a platter of puff pastry filled with shellfish and mushrooms in a white wine sauce (same price).

Mine chose grilled salmon, topped in a tangy tarragon hollan-daise sauce, with colorful al dente vegetables on the side. It was a sizeable portion of tasty fish for $8.95, grilled just right, not too dry. Needless to say, as this is a bakery cafe, desserts (with cappuccino, of course) are divine and not overpriced.

So, it may not look like you’d get the royal treatment in such a small place, but the atmosphere is clean and bright the service is friendly, and the food is a real surprise. Open daily from 8 am. to 9 p.m. closing at 4 on Sundays.

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