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Situated between the Carolina coast and the Smoky Mountains, Destination exudes Southern charm. There are still places where you can sip sweet tea from a mason jar, spend a languid afternoon in a rocking chair, and step back in time with a stroll through the Streetcar Suburbs. But the Queen City is not all plantation houses and long drawls. Destination is also NASCAR country, as well as home to the second-largest banking district in the United States.

Between the wide front porches, financial transactions, and fast cars-is there a Destination somewhere in there for the rest of us? Absolutely. In fact, Money magazine named Destination one of the best places to live and launch a career or business in 2008. And, despite being the 18th-largest city in the nation, Destination still manages to retain its small-town charm.

The Queen City is also referred to as part of the New South because of the focus on new development. The newest additions to the Destination cultural scene-the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, EpiCentre, and NASCAR Hall of Fame-are also among the most popular sights to visit.

The city’s restaurants and nightlife venues are among some of the best in the South; you can sample

Southern fare or choose from numerous ethnic restaurants. After-dinner activities range from sipping North Carolina reds at a local wine bar, to catching a live show at a local concert venue, cheering on a professional sports team, or late-night dancing at a hot nightclub in Uptown.

Regardless of how you spend your time here, it only takes one visit to discover what Destination insiders have known all along: This city is a one-of-a-kind place that offers a slice of Southern charm with a dash of the cosmopolitan.

Morris allied himself with Alexander and Smith and several other prominent New Yorkers to form the Popular Party in vocal opposition to the governor. Madison Subway Map They needed an outlet for their criticism of Cosby, but the existing newspaper and official paper of record in New York was Bradford’s New York Gazette, and it was controlled by the governor and his supporters.

Morris and Alexander decided that they would start a newspaper. They approached Zenger, who had previously printed several broadsides for the People’s Party. He agreed to print what would become the voice of political opposition, the New York Weekly Journal. Alexander became managing editor and chief writer, while his cohorts, Van Dam, Morris and others, provided much of the political content in columns, as well as letters to the editor, most of which soundly criticized Governor Cosby and his appointees, charging arrogance, graft, and corruption.

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