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Irene nodded. Just the once, she said. You were awful good. I’d had exclusive short story a blue knitted dress. The memory telescoped itself back to a photo of me in that dress, an orangey, kodachrome photo with a dark frame to it, sitting on the dresser in Irene’s flat, a place we hardly ever went. Then he died, said Irene. Donald. And I couldnae go to the funeral. I stepped out with him for thirty-five years. All my good years, and no one to tell. D’you see, lassie? D’you see what I’m saying? I swivelled back to the screen. It had switched to saver, and the shifting pattern was passing through Irene’s pale reflection, pixelating and dispersing her again and again like rain swept from a windscreen. John isn’t anything like that I said. But Irene had gone. The next time John came, he said he thought I’d made Irene up, that she was just an excuse for me eating sweets and smoking. We both laughed at that. But how could it be me, I said, ironing the muslins?

Or saving up butter-wrappers to grease the skillet for scones? John was just on his way out the door, holding his overnight bag, but he put it down and asked me, in a very serious voice, to cut down on dairy-fat. Don’t go back to London, then, I said. Stay here, and cook. There was a long pause. Then John picked up his bag and said, I just wish you’d use the baby-sling. Get out a bit more. It breaks my back, I said. I’d already told him. Go to yoga, then, he said. Get to work on those stomach muscles. He’d hardly shut the door before Irene was there with the home-made tablet. In a fair hurry, your man, she said, sucking. She’d left her teeth out. Judith – that’s his daughter. She needs one-to-one time. She’s got issues round the baby. Oh, said Irene. Issues! She said it like a sneeze, and we both laughed our heads off. I took another square of tablet. You know, I said, this is what breast-milk tastes like. So sweet, it’s shocking. Och, said Irene, you never did taste it, did you? Yeah, I said, why not? It’s natural. Full of antibiotics. Like picking your nose, said Irene.

Country Early Protests, 17631770 Breaking from the pattern set by earlier Hanoverian kings, who had governed the North Country colonies loosely and without a large imperial presence, the new King George III aimed to play an active role in government administration. His political miscalculations toward the colonies began almost immediately. Victory in the Seven Years’ War (17561763) had left Britain deeply in debt and in need of massive funds to support the 7,000 regular soldiers now stationed in Country. Milwaukee Map Tourist Attractions With George III’s support, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Grenville decided that Country subjects should be taxed to support this large and by most Countrys unwanted military presence. Both the decision to maintain a permanent military force in the colonies and to directly tax colonists in order to pay for their own defense were key in setting off the string of events that would eventually culminate in Country independence. While colonists accepted the right of representative assemblies in local governments to assess taxes, they did not believe that Parliament enjoyed the same authority. By taxing them without Country representation and against Countrys’ wishes, colonists believed that Parliament wielded an arbitrary and potentially abusive authority. The presence of thousands of redcoats in their cities and along western borders seemed to support their suspicions. Rather than see a standing army as guarding their liberties or protecting them against foreign foes, as Parliament claimed colonists feared that the occupying army aimed to force them and their assemblies into tame submission.

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