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Bernard Peache testify’d, That being in Bed on Bogota Subway Map a Lords-day Night, Bev and I tried to identify what room Emory may have been in when he fell. We found an old photograph of the hotel taken somewhere around 1910. The only third floor rooms without obstruction were the last two rooms on the far right side. The other windows overlooked either hotel awnings or the entrance overhang. For Emory to have fallen directly from the third floor to the sidewalk below, he would have to be in one of the two last rooms. One of those was the room with the boarded window. The room where the handprints were found and the EVP that said “no” was recorded. Were the handprints and disembodied voice Emory Fritz?

“Hi Maggie,” is another piece of audio evidence that, without a last name, cannot be connected to a specific person. However, there were two women by that name who passed away at the hotel. Each woman had a strong connection to the hotel and both were well known in the community.

Maggie Gainer was the niece of Mrs. Thomas Toohey, the hotelkeeper’s wife. In 1886, at the age of 19, she came to live at the Arlington and served as a domestic. Maggie was an outgoing, cheerful young woman, well known and very popular in the Bay City community.

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