Canyon Swing

Oh or do we jump on today yeah jump jump it up jump up that. And swim across there.

And. I’m rather worried alright guys. So here are our adult choices.

So we have the cutaway where they just kind of hang, you over there, you pin drop like a bunch of junk then, you could be on a chair where they push, you off a chair that seems bent on for me, but for words it doesn’t look very scary oh maybe, it’s making things up just like a job back roots oh my goodness flip. I capture flips we’re not gonna do that get a real window check. I might do that they might do that.

Canyon Swing Photo Gallery

And there’s game point goes to hollywood. So played out Elvis cut away what’s that one why funny background your masters choice show, you guys Oh thinking about, you yet slight slight new doesn’t trees, but booger bit tandem twist cut away, but well we both we both did employ. So pulses upside down the games yeah.

I had. I had this one kill bill yeah bill get that was my gift okay. So what are we thinking here.

So pretty much our choices. I hope dinner go backwards let’s get back its let’s do it should go backward, it’s fine where is it very very very scary good like a yep don’t mess it up loading. I have thank, you where were, you two jumbo yeah, you won.

I get sweaty hot five you. ?

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