Wayne Newton Up Close and Personal Show in Las Vegas

After a five-year hiatus, Wayne Newton has returned to the stage to perform some of his classics. We had the rare opportunity today to meet him at the Casa de Shenandoah. You’re going back onstage? As a matter of fact, I am back onstage. I decided to write a new show. And I decided to write a show that were kinda the preludes to what Las Vegas has become.

Wayne Newton Up Close and Personal Show in Las Vegas Photo Gallery

This town is kind of the Olympics of entertaining. It has embraced almost every kind of show that you could embrace, and where else in the world can you find that? When I took about five years off, I took it off to open this up to the public, let them see what our regular day is like before we get in the car and go to work.

And, it’s been a tremendous success, thanks to people like you. Next time you come to Vegas, you have to check out Wayne’s new show, Up Close and Personal, to get all sorts of little stories, and anecdotes and ask him some questions too, on the life of Las Vegas and so many of the most amazing acts and people that have brought such joy, and music, and entertainment, to our lives.

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