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This hike consists of a 1.3 mile circuit around Blackstone Lake with a

1.8 mile round-trip hike ending at a cliff that provides a panoramic view of Ennis Lake. From the trailhead and intersection with the Flash Lake portage trail, the route turns south past Blackstone Lake with two short spurs leading to the lake shore. Once off the Blackstone circuit and on the trail to Ennis Lake, the route ascends a rocky trail to a ridge overlooking a pond in a narrow valley. The trail descends from the ridge past the pond, crosses a stream, and ascends a red pine-covered ridge at the north end of a small unnamed lake. From here the route continues along the ridge, the trail marked with large cairns through the red pines. Eventually the route descends through aspens, white birch, and mixed conifers to cross a steep walled, narrow valley where maples grow thick in the moist soil of the valley floor. After making the steep climb out of the valley the route comes to the high cliffs at the northwest corner of Ennis Lake. This is an excellent lunching spot where you can refuel the body while drinking in the view.

To resume the Blackstone circuit hike, retrace your steps to the south end of the loop. Here the route turns east along a very narrow ridge that separates Blackstone Lake to the north and Secret Lake to the south. At times it is possible to see both lakes through the jack pines growing on the ridge. At the east end of Blackstone Lake, the route crosses a portage trail between Blackstone and Flash lakes. This portage trail is not on the Fisher F-10 map. Along the north side of Blackstone Lake the trail passes through a stand of white, jack, and red pines. At the northwest corner of Blackstone Lake, the trail skirts a beaver dam and the circuit is soon completed. From here it’s 0.4 miles back to the trailhead.

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