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It felt like being on the top of the world; China luxury travel its lunar scenery was bare and barren. Sharks’ teeth mountains stretched in long ridges, capped China luxury travel in snow and ice. We passed a small caravan of five laden camels, roped in a line with youngsters roaming free. Small baby camels are sometimes carried in a wooden basket on their mothers’ backs. Gradually the road descended into a broad grassy valley, and at the small town of Taxkorgan we stopped for the night. It was 7 p.

That’s when we heard the crunch of tires on gravel. Jeff had arrived. After greetings, he handed us a folder nearly an inch thick. It contained copies of all the newspaper articles he’d collected during his research.

Jeff Westover has done extensive research on the Crouch Murders

In addition to his own research, Jeff had gathered additional information from Janine Turvey and Gerry Blanchard, two people who have spent years investigating the murders. Though we have conducted our own research into this case, Jeff’s knowledge was incredibly useful. It was also very kind of Jeff to share his files with us.

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