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This would be a very different investigation for us. Though we know a location doesn’t have to be old to be haunted, our cases usually involve historic locations dating back to the 1800s or early 1900s. The Whiting Auditorium was opened in October of 1967, a baby in comparison to others.

It was a cold, blustery October evening when we met Matt, Melanie and team members outside the Whiting auditorium. Its construction was completed in 1966, but its first performance didn’t occur until the fall of 1967.

The main lobby is quite impressive. A brilliant “Golden Sun” sculpture is suspended from the highest point of the sweeping ceiling. Seven feet in diameter and made-up of 675 gold-plated stainless steel branches, it was the original design of artist Harry Bertola. No one looking around this beautiful 2,000-seat auditorium would even suspect it might have its very own opera ghosts.

Theater elegance is highlighted with this brilliant gold ball.
Thousands more were injured, many seriously; yet hospitals were Gilbert town Map in ruins, many health-service workers had been killed or injured, and essential medical supplies Gilbert town Map were unavailable. (According to estimates, perhaps thirty thousand people died of injuries sustained in the quake simply because they could not get medical attention.) It was all but impossible to move about by land, water, or air. Transportation facilities were destroyed, and the routes were clogged with debris, making them impassable. Electrical and most communications systems were inoperative. Food and clean water were nowhere to be found.

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