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What better way to see Paris than by sitting on top of a bus, breathing fresh air, checking out all the beautiful sites. This is the Paris Opera House, and it’s one of the most famous opera houses in the world and this thing is beautiful and you can see these golden statues of all the famous composers who have been here. This place really is a must see. I just jumped off here at the Louvre, and this place is impressive. It is the most visited art museum in the entire planet. I love the new pyramid, and there’s statues everywhere. This square is giant. There’s a lot more to see in paris and it’s time to keep cruising, let’s go.

Paris City Map Photo Gallery

The Notre Dame Cathedral, this building is impressive. I’ve seen it in books all my life and here we go in real life, and my favorite part is around the side and that’s where all the gargoyles are hanging over. This is one of the best examples of French gothic architecture. Check this out. There it is, the Arc De Triomphe. I could almost touch it, it’s so close. That thing is a lot bigger in real life than I thought it would be. All right, let’s go check out this thing. The Eiffel Tower, baby. Wow, this thing is massive, and actually it’s too big to really appreciate from this close, so I’m going to walk to end of the field and see it in all of its glory. What I love most about it, is these giant green fields all beneath it and it’s a really nice recreational place where people from all over the world are just hangin’ out, having a good time.

Paris City Segway Tour

You see this thing? It’s a segway. And I’m gonna ride this space-age craft all over Paris. Let’s go. Whoo. This park right in front of us here, is called the Champ de Mars. And champ in French means field, and Mars is the god of war. So we have the fields of war right here ahead of us. A lot of the sites are pretty far away from each other, but when you’re on a segway, it’s like no problem, you’re floating above the world. This is the dome chant. It was built by King Louis the 14th, and it was for his exclusive use, and that of his royal family. Louis the 14th called himself the Sun King because he became king when he was four years old, and he reigned until he was 77. The Sun King name, very simple. He basically felt that he was as vital to life in France and in Europe as the sun. The very famous, who has a tomb in there, and that’s Napoleon. The dome is made of pure gold. And if I get you to look at the facade, you can see they really sort of strung the true theme we have going on. And now, we are at the world-famous Louvre Museum. And this is known for a lot of things, but for right now, it’s known for playing on the segway. Let’s go have some fun. Segway at the Louvre. And now for the grand finale. The Eiffel Tower, what an epic way to end the segway ride.

Paris City Map Photo Gallery

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