Larco Museum in Lima Peru

To get your head around the centuries of history and culture, we’re gonna check out the Larco Museum and there are over 45,000 artifacts in here.

Larco Museum in Lima Peru Photo Gallery

What I love most about this museum is that all of the artifacts really pop out at you. It’s really dark with the lights shine right in on the gold and the silver and the ceramics and it really makes it come alive. What blows me away about this is that obviously it wasn’t made with a machine. Today, we need machines to make stuff this beautiful but this was made at 1,400 years BC, perfect condition.

This textile behind me is really interesting because ancient Incas didn’t know anything about Jesus until the Spanish came and so this art here has Jesus in the middle so this was obviously made after the Spanish came.

So, the Larco Museum isn’t just a typical museum, they actually allow you access into the storage room in there’s over 40,000 artifacts just in this room alone. When you’re ready for a break from looking at all the artifacts, you can come down here to the courtyard and it is pure heavens, surrounded by flowers, you can either sit here, have a cup of coffee and chill out. This place was fascinating and now I know a lot more about the Inca cultural history.

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