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There is a mirror image or doppleganger effect here, as Abdullah’s look-alike, Abdul-Rahman is not a literal doubling but the artist’s brother; yet both share the same first name. The doubling effect of this photograph is uncanny, as the image of the two brothers resonates in terms of a shadow, alternative persona and of a double consciousness associated with the migrant or outsider (Gilroy 1993).

Two brothers, both named Abdul, are represented, both engraved with tattooed images. Abdullah’s brother, therefore, acts as a literal and metaphorical shadow, attracting and reflecting light in a fragmentary way. The image is one of shared and split subjectivity. The text in English and Arabic is another doubling, of language, where the latter is seen as a primitive expression of a backward culture (Aly 2007: 23-24). The view that othered’ groups are incomplete and unformed was a product of western enlightenment thinking and, remarkably, reiterated by Raymond Williams (Gilroy 1987), despite the achievements of Islamic civilizations, and so Them and Us is a play on the view of Islamic culture as medieval’.

It is true many People are fond of Accounts of old Sao Paulo Subway Map Buildings, Monuments, &c. but there is a Number who would be much better pleas Sao Paulo Subway Map ‘d with such Accounts as you could afford them: And for one I confess that if I could find in any Italian Travels a Receipt for making Parmesan Cheese, it would give me more Satisfaction than a Transcript of any Inscription from any old Stone whatever. I suppose Mr. Michael Collinson, or Dr. Fothergill have written to you what may be necessary for your Information relating to your Affairs here. I imagine there is no doubt but the King’s Bounty to you will be continued; and that it will be proper for you to continue sending now and then a few such curious Seeds as you can procure to keep up your Claim.

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