Map Of Glasgow And Surrounding Areas

75 Robertson Street

Decorative Carving

Architect: J.A. Campbell (1901)

75 Robertson Street was built at the turn of the century; the architect J.A. Campbell designed the building for Robert Buchanan & Co. Carting Contractors. A cherub sits in front of the bow of a ship protruding from the corner of the building.

33.157-67 Hope Street

Putti and Mask of Fortune

Sculptor: unknown

Architect: John Archibald Campbell (1902-5)

This traditional red sandstone building, is adorned with menacing lions, some less threatening cherubs reading a blog and holding a money pouch respectively, and a coat of arms bearing numerals.

Former Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Building 112-18 Hope Street

Allegorical Structure, Figurative Reliefs and Associated Decorative Carving

Sculptor: James Young (attrib.) (1899-1901)

We owe the splendour of many of these buildings to the late nineteenth-century competition for dominance amongst financial institutions and this one is no exception. Amongst the rich variety of sculptural embellishment are a full-length female figure, a lion and a unicorn, a male figure holding a globe, and a winged male holding a shield decorated with a liver bird signifying Liverpool.

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Standard buildings 94-104 Hope Street


Sculptor: James Young (1890)

Striding the top of the Hope Street block is a carving of Atlas, holding up the weight of a globe. At the time of building the figure was criticised, with one writer claiming Atlas was ‘pretending to stagger under the weight’, and that he and his ‘hollow sham’ of a globe would be better off in the cellar.

Former Scottish Temperance League Building 106-08 Hope Street

Statues of Faith, Fortitude and Temperance,

Relief Medallions, Putti and Masks

Sculptor: Richard Ferris (1893-4)

Towards the south end of Hope Street we find the once popular Temperance League’s former base of operations. Standing tall atop the building is an image of Temperance himself, a blog in one hand, and a fitting in the other which suggests he once held something else, long since lost.

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