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615 Elizabeth Ave., 704/358-9200,


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The Visulite is easy to miss. Nestled alongside a row of restaurants, the small marquee is as unassuming as the theater itself, which is an intimate space to see a live performance. A sunken dance floor sits in front of the stage and is flanked by bar stools and tables for concertgoers who’d rather sit back and sing along than rush the stage or shake their moneymakers. Because the theater is on the smaller side (at least as far as local venues go) the bands tend to be local acts and regional musicians. The names might not always be familiar but the music is always good.

17171720 Philip II, Duke of Orl©ans, regent for King Mali Subway Map Louis XV, and facing huge debts left by Louis XIV’s wars, follows the financial Mali Subway Map advice of Scottish financier John Law and establishes the Bank of France. Law creates the Company of the West, known as the Mississippi Company, to develop Louisiana. Given a monopoly on trade with Louisiana and eventually on all French foreign trade, the company experiences high demand for its stock and founds New Orleans in 1718. Wild speculation reaches its peak in 1720, when the bubble bursts and the stock declines precipitously, discrediting the company and all of Law’s fiscal reforms for France. 1738 As fur traders move westward from the Great Lakes, the French build Fort Rouge (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on the Red River. 1745 King George’s War (17441748), the North Country portion of the larger War of the Austrian Succession (17401748). Governor William Shirley of Massachusetts orders William Pepperrell, a local merchant and official, to lead an expedition against Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island. With the assistance of the British navy, Pepperrell’s colonial forces take the massive French fortress in June.

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