For visitors there are four main entry points, each arrived at by train, road or by ferry. These checkpoints have a Cantonese name on the Hong Kong side of the border and a Mandarin name on the Chinese side of the border. Both are shown below.

1. For Luohu district in the city west: Luohu Railway Station. Luohu Immigration checkpoint hours: 6.30am 12 midnight. This is Lowu MTR station on the Hong Kong side of the border. On the Shenzhen side, when you arrive the Shenzhen metro station Luohu is located a short walk opposite, outside the immigration exit point. This metro station connects with the Shenzhen metro network and closes in practice about 11 pm. Arrival and departure are by train only. There are no buses, minibuses or trains in the Hong Kong side. On the Hong Kong side if you want buses or taxis you must travel to the next station Sheung Shui. On the Shenzhen side, the Metro entrance is close opposite the customs exit. For taxis go down into the metro and follow the signs to the underground taxi stand. It’s quite a walk. The city bus terminus is past the Luohu Commercial Centre and there is a major inter-city bus terminus under the Luohu Commercial Centre.

2. For the central Futian district: By train, Fu Tian Checkpoint metro station This is Lok Ma Chau MTR station on the Hong Kong side of the border. On the Shenzhen side this checkpoint also connects to the Shenzhen metro network. Every third Hong Kong East Rail train goes to Lok Ma Chau. There is a direct internal walkway from immigration to the metro, which is safe and convenient for first-time travelers. Immigration checkpoint hours: 6.30am- 10pm. Futian Kou’an has train and taxi connections. On the Hong Kong side, taxis are down the external escalator turn left exiting customs. Take green New Territories taxis for Hong Kong Airport and red urban taxis for Hong Kong Central. Lok Ma Chau station is upstairs exiting customs. On the Shenzhen side, Futian Kou’an metro station is on the ground floor of the building. For taxis exit the building and turn left. It’s a five minute walk under cover most of the way.

3. Also for the central Futian district: By road, Huanggang Checkpoint for buses, minibuses and cars This is the road in the Lok Ma Chau Closed Area on the Hong Kong side of the border. Huanggang Road Immigration checkpoint hours: 24 hours. Departing, exit customs and turn left to buy your bus ticket. You may be able to buy your Hong Kong Airport minibus tickets before entering immigration. This varies.

Your bus will drive you Hong Kong Immigration where you will disembark, pass through formalities and rejoin your bus on the other side of customs. Keep your ticket stubs. Huanggang is open twenty-four hours a day.

4. For Nanshan district Overseas Chinese Town and the western area of Shekou : By bus and car, Shenzhen Bay Bridge On the Hong Kong side buses and cars will stop at the Shenzhen Bay Bridge for customs clearance. Taxis and buses are available. For departure buy your bus ticket at the windows before entering immigration. They will tell you the number of your bus slot. Taxis are about a five-minute walk under cover. Take a green New Territories taxi to Hong Kong Airport and a red urban taxi for Hong Kong Central. Arriving, city buses and taxis are on the far side of customs about five-minute walk. If it’s raining you’ll get wet.

5. For Shekou area, by ferry: Shekou Ferry Pier. Ferry only. Ferries go to Hong Kong Macau Ferry pier and Hong Kong International Airport. Select airlines will allow you to check in at the ferry pier and take your baggage. It’s not cheap but remember that when you get to the airport you can claim back your HK$120 departure tax. Compared with other modes of transport we find ferries irregular, inconvenient, expensive and not particularly comfortable. But if your destination is Shekou or another part of western Shenzhen and you’re far from the Hong Kong or Kowloon terminals, try them. Timetables can be accessed on line at

Note: There is another road checkpoint, Shatoujiao but this is rarely used, as it is the least accessible. This checkpoint is Shataukok on the Hong Kong side. Shatoujiao immigration checkpoint hours: 7:00:20:00. The Man Kam To Border crossing in central Luohu is mainly for goods traffic.


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