Maine, a Unique Fish Place

Maine is unique among the eastern states in preserving large areas of relatively unspoiled woods and waters. Ninety percent of Maine is forested, a higher percentage than any other state. Within Maine’s borders are 30,000 miles of flowing water and 2,500 lakes and ponds, a total of one million acres. For the angler, Maine offers an abundance of natural resources and a great variety of places to fish and fish to catch.

Maine is known as the last frontier for native eastern brook trout. Except for the extreme southern part of the state, most of Maine’s brooks and streams hold populations of these brilliantly colored native trout, a genetically distinct species that has occupied these waters since the end of the last glacial period. For some anglers, native eastern brook trout are an almost mythical prize, well worth the time and effort required to seek them out.

Maine is also a stronghold for other species of fish. Landlocked salmon, lake trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout are all found here. Nor are trout and salmon the only species worthy of the Maine angler’s attention. Black bass abound, and smallmouth bass are so numerous that Maine is said to offer the best smallmouth fishing in the world. Pike, a new introduction to Maine waters, are prospering. Saltwater species are available all along the coast. Bluefish, striped bass, and mackerel invade Maine’s saltwater environs each summer, providing countless hours of fishing for shorebound anglers and for those fishing from boats.

Maine’s fishing areas are never very far out of reach. Even in Maine’s cities, anglers have only to go to the nearest river to find excellent fishing. In Waterville and Augusta, for example, you can fish for brown trout and other species within the city limits. Many of Maine’s rivers, lakes, and coastal areas are also within easy driving distance of the urban areas that make the East Coast one of the most congested and industrialized parts of the country. Anglers bent on pristine fishing in perfect solitude will find what they seek in Maine, as will family groups who need easy access to productive waters.

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