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The picturesque town is becoming more attractive as the tourism industry is growing in leaps and bounds. The tourism and hospitality business is thriving because of the change in the lifestyle of the people, the increased knowledge they gain from the internet and the information that they get very easily and fast as lightning. Bali is considered one of the loveliest tourist spots on the planet. It is a must visit spot before one dies. Having said that how are you going to go about the whole tour? And where are you going to stay? Because these are very crucial questions

The stay:

Why worry about stay in Bali when villa East Indies is there to welcome you with wide smiles? This is located in the green valley of Bali where you get to see the beautiful temples just around the valley. The stay in the luxury 6 bedroom villa in Canggu is a lifetime experience that one wants for himself. The village is called Preranan, where you find the villa and is a dream place to stay in. This was built as a private property, but now serves as a tourist attraction. The architecture, the landscape and the beauty of the villa are built with great thought and are a view that one would never forget in a life time.

The environs:

Located in the green lush tropical area of the country of Indonesia, the stay offers so many attractions such as the looking at beautiful and colourful tropical birds, all kinds of butterflies and the villa itself is so close to the greenery that one might feel as though the greenery has been brought into the villa. The tourist can listen to the songs of multiple species of birds and when it blends with the flutes from the temples, what more can you ask for? It is relaxation in regal style no doubt. The garden is continuous with the villa and the surroundings that it seems to blend into each other perfectly.


The villa has won laurels and has been rated excellent by the trip advisor committee in the year 2013; this is one of the top vacation rentals around the globe. It is a licensed property to be used for rentals in tourism, and the spot is registered with the ministry of justice approval as well. So, you can be sure that you are staying in a safe place.

The appeal:

The style of the villas are itself a feast to tired eyes and when they are lit up they offer a sense of grandeur and luxury which is sought after by many professionals who want to have a real holiday during the year.

The standards:

The villa is maintained with all the needed professional touch, though it is established for individual customers, it has still well looked after by a long line of assistance and hospitable executive to get you what you want. They do not just keep the standards laid by the hospitality industry but try to surpass t every time with their ever improved services and experienced staff who are ever ready to satisfy your very needs.


The villa is easy to be booked as the phone numbers and other contact details are mentioned in the website and the way to reach can be also known easily as it is one of the well known spots in the island.

When you are tired of the city life and want to have a duration of quiet and relaxation, then canggu, in Bali is the right place and the right stay is the homely villa east indies with all its serene, and tranquil beauty. Stay king like!

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