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Province: Jonkoping Ian. Region: SmSland. Altitude: 91 m (300 ft). Population: 110,000.

HOTELS. Ramada, Huskvarna, Strandvei 1, 226 Stora Hotel let, 200 Sunds Herrgardpensjonat, Lekeryd, 100 Portalen, Vastra Storgata 9, 300 City Hotel, Vastra Storgata 23-25, 100 Grand Hotel, Hovrattstorget, 100 Esso Motor Hotel, Rosenlund, 360 b.

EVENTS. Green World (garden show, all year); Scandinavian Game Fair (May); International Trade Fair on Forestry and Sawmilling Technology (June).

Jonkoping, beautifully set at the southern tip of Lake Vattern, was granted its municipal charter by Magnus Ladulas in 1284. It is now a focus point for agriculture and forestry, a commune which has grown to considerable size with the incorporation of Huskvarna and Granna; it is also the headquarters of the governor of Jonkoping province. Destroyed several times by fire, the town was largely rebuilt, beginning in 1835.

SIGHTS. In the original heart of the town between Lake Vattern and the two small lakes of Munksjo and Rocksjo a number of older buildings have been preserved. In Hovrattstorget are the Provincial Court (Gota Hovratt; 1639-55) and the former Town Hall (late 17th c.). To the NE is the Kristina Church (1649-73), and to the SE the Provincial Museum (Lansmuseet), with a collection which includes SmSland pottery and ironware and primitive art.

The match factory, to the W of the station, was founded in 1844 by J. E. Lundstrom and achieved world renown for the production of safety matches (1852 onward; Match Museum). Farther W lies the large Municipal Park, in which are an Ornithological Museum (some 1400 species, rich collection of eggs), an Open-Air Museum with interesting old wooden houses from SmSland (15th 18th c.), Backaby church and an 18th c. belfry from Solberga.

SURROUNDINGS. 14km (9miles) S istheTaberg (343m 1125 ft), a hill of iron ore (no longer worked) which is now a nature reserve and attracts many visitors. From the summit there are extensive views as far as 80 km (50 miles) in good weather. 15 km (10 miles) NW of Jonkoping is Habo church, a large red timber building (16th c.). The interior walls of the church are covered with vividly coloured paintings on Biblical themes in Peasant Baroque style.

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