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Animals must be penned at night because of wolves. The Shanghai Travel tents here are dramatically black and white. Many of their occupants invited me in to drink Shanghai Travel tea. In one tent I talked to an elderly woman who had more yak wool than ordinary hair in her braids; her grandchildren sat on a rug and waved some sheep’s ribs at us. The family shrine was decorated with bowls, buddhas and a pair of sheep’s horns. When I showed my postcards the old lady was entranced by the picture of Queen Elizabeth in her regal finery.

Location-based Mobile Games

Location-based mobile games (LBMGs) are games played with mobile phones that are equipped with location awareness (e.g. GPS) and Internet connection. Like urban games, LBMGs use the urban space as their game space. But, unlike urban games, LBMGs add the factor of location-aware interconnectivity between players, as well as the linking of information to places. Although LBMGs might have an online component, the game takes place primarily in the physical space. Players can see each other and/or virtual game elements on their mobile screen. Two examples of LBMGs are CitiTag and CitySneak.

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