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Beijing – Classic Full-Day Tour

This post is gonna be such a great day. I get to explore the best of Beijing on the classic full day tour. Tiananmen Square is the center of Beijing. It’s also the largest city center square in the world that can hold up to half a million people. At the north end of Tiananmen Square is Tiananmen Gate, which leads us to the Forbidden City. Wow, I have read about this in history books, but I had no idea it was this huge. Behind me is the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the biggest and most important building in all of the Forbidden City. We’re now in the Temple of Heaven, and I’m standing in front of the Hall of Prayer. And this is where they came to pray for good harvests. The Temple of Heaven is not just temples, it’s also an expansive park where people come and relax and enjoy the weather. If I lived in Beijing this is where I would come all the time. We’ve just entered the Summer Palace. And this was the home to the emperor during the summer. Inside you’ll find a man made lake, and you’ll also find Longevity Hill, which is where the Buddhist temple sits. On the other side, you’ll see an island which is in the shape of a turtle. This has been such a fantastic day, from Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, to the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, I’ve learned that Beijing is truly a unique city. Ganbei.

Beijing – Essential Full-Day Tour

This post I’m getting a VIP tour of Beijing to see some of this city’s biggest sites. Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and some Peking duck. Here’s a fun fact, Tiananmen Square is the largest city-center square in the entire world. And it’s impressive to see how many people have come from all over China and the world to experience this iconic square. If you walk towards the north end of Tiananmen Square, you’re greeted by Tiananmen Gate, the entrance of the Forbidden City. Wow. This place is massive. There are over 8,000 rooms in the Forbidden City. So to put that in perspective, you could stay in a different room every night, and not stay in the same room for 24 years. Now that we’ve explored the Forbidden City, we’re gonna get a bird’s-eye view from the highest point in Beijing, Jingshan Park. From up here, you not only get the best view of the Forbidden City, but quite possibly all of Beijing. Not only do I get to see all the big sites, but I also get to check out a jade carving factory. Here at the factory you can see how they shave, and carve, and smooth out the jade. There’s so much time and energy put into making just one piece. With all this exploring, we’ve worked up quite the appetite. So for lunch, we’re enjoying Beijing’s most famous cuisine, Peking duck. Mmm, it’s delicious. We’ve made it, the final stop of the day, it’s time to explore the Great Wall of China. This portion of the wall is the most preserved. Even though it was built over 500 years ago, during the Ming dynasty. I could, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, tried Peking duck, and now I’m standing on the Great Wall of China. This has been the experience of a lifetime.

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Beijing – Great Wall of Chin

Just arrived at the Great Wall, and I cannot wait to look around. This portion of the wall is the most well-preserved, even though it was built over 500 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. I’ve literally dreamed about coming to the Great Wall of China since I was a kid. I can’t believe I’m actually here, walking on the Great Wall. The Great Wall of China, this is an experience of a lifetime.

Beijing Old Hutongs by Rickshaw

The Hutong is a traditional residential area in Beijing, and today we’re gonna explore it by rickshaw. This is such a fun way to see what the old neighborhoods of Beijing look like. The Hutong is full of these narrow alleyways surrounded by homes. And this is what Beijing looked like before there were skyscrapers. I’m getting to see a little bit about how the locals live here. She’s welcomed us into her home and served us some green tea. Ni hao! This is so much fun! In this Hutong is the drum tower, and there’s a show every couple hours. I’m gonna go check it out. That was one of the coolest shows I have ever seen. So these five men walk out in uniform, they each stand in front of a huge drum, and they start playing in a traditional way. This has been such a fantastic day. Beijing is truly a unique city.

Berlin Bike Tour- Berlin Wall and Cold War

Guys you all ready to go? Ready to see the city? Excellent. On your mark. So right now we’re at Alexanderplatz. Solviets, Americans, British, and French. Down there, we have a church, Saint Micheal’s Kirche. This church was bombed out during World War Two. But, uh, that was the site of the fiercest fighting. So ah, Ingo, he was drafted into the East German army. And ah, his job was to patrol, um, the border between East and West. The painted them up to look like Solviet planes, camo wing. .

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