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Guys starting our lazy cetera Saturday the right way coffee, and Air Bud, and hopefully pancakes pancakes are in progress oh he’s editing the blog for today yeah sorry guys for this going on you look like a bum your hands or craning very hairy need a shave damn he’d be one hairy man the Sun is out it’s been raining. So it’s like a nice little crisp in the air. So we’re just here in Chinatown, and thank you, and I think we’re gonna go check out this like plastic garden setup that they’ve got yeah I feel like I said here are you pray we’re gonna say yeah yeah oh I see the police not in China.

Map of China Photo Gallery

We in a Chinese garden do cool shots what’s the dragon from Milan call with Eddie it’s a nucleus yeah. But that means we are leaving janitor chop to meet intent, and help, and we’re going to guest here you guys told us to try these timbi packet in for two bucks Oh healthy, I’m guessing that looks like don’t know hold ya know how good the psychic cream in the middle oh okay number one place like here the donut with the jam-filled oh yeah not comment let me got a little a little bit coffee keep exploring still have any jimmies hey you helped scale your coffee turner, and then we walk in we look, and we work, and we work, and we found guest town guys it’s really sweet nice, and open it’s got unlike vintage stores all along the street what is she taking a picture of I ready to see the most Canadian we know that every other Canadian ready for the most Canadian window that you have a Canadian ya know are you ready for the most Canadian winter that I ever did see was a maple Sierra can you tell they cool.

Because they shape like maple leaves no that one’s not freaky at all the big slump it’s a big sum of love you look walked rather straight with these on no one would notice the thing we decided to treat ourselves, and go to the movies have been in ages we’re gonna go see that home movie that is a new Disney Pixar dream DreamWorks yeah with some children children, and I mean we don’t want to pay for popcorn, and stuff. So I’ve got like little treats in my hoodie the sun’s been going down the lipoma nine crazy the movie was good it was really cute I really really liked it yeah the people in the car hill staring at us movies we love ya we’re usually early ones, and cinemas are often like the sillies jess was like let’s go to bed, and I was like what are you doing what what can say goodbye.

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