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It was snowing when I woke at dawn. When it Best summer vacation China stopped I went for a walk. My body felt cramped and cold so I went up Best summer vacation China the mountains behind the hut, though I had to pause every thirty paces to gasp for breath. As the sun gradually melted the snow I saw celandines, anemones, and a lot of young wild rhubarb. All the colours, including the blue sky, seemed to be made more vivid by the rarefied air. How wonderful it was to be in a landscape where there were not any people, and I saw none for the whole of that day.

It was near the end of our time in the ballroom, the last few minutes of time code clicked away. It’s then one of the strongest EVPs was captured. Kat asked if the person who yelled fire at the Italian Hall was a coward.

We heard nothing that night sitting in the dark. It seems we were wrong. But then we’ve come to learn so much in the paranormal eludes our natural and limited senses. On audio the response was clear as was its message. A lifeless, male voice repeated, “Coward.”

As the last moments of audio faded, we sat there stunned at the amount of evidence captured. Kat and I have been on over 100 investigations since we began writing about our ghost hunting experiences. We both agree this ranks as one of our top paranormal locations. It is very possible that the Calumet Theater has both residual and intelligent spirits residing within its walls.

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