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Located in Hudson district of the state Karnataka in India halebidu was the Magnificent capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century the city caught the name Holly post. Because it was sacked, and looted twice by Muslim invaders Malaika fall, and Mohammed bin took luck in early 14th century after which it fell into a state of disrepair, and neglect the town was then referred to as halibut or the old capital it was never reappeared again, and the whole Silla capital shifted to Baloo’s just 60 kilometers away previously known as vara Samudra halebidu is home to some of the best examples of hoysala architecture the remarkable ones being the whole Celesteville anti-irish were temples Holi to do is just 40 kilometres from Sigma glue town, and we couldn’t have afforded to miss out visiting this place during a recent trip to Sigma glue before we get started I have a small request if you are new to this blog, and have not commentd it yet then please comment India kuhmo to get notified of a future travel posts now let’s begin dedicated to Lord Shiv – – where is the largest, and the best hoysala temples built during the rule of King Vishnu Burton who is a issuers of the hosts.

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Allah Empire in the 12th century one cannot help. But be amazed at the grandeur on seeing the Magnificent whole Salish well temple the temple has a plan of two super structures with two shrines one for the king, and the other for the queen the shrine on the southern side is the whole Salish were for the king, and the shrine on the northern side is Chantelle eshwara named after shontella Devi was the queen of King Vishnu Vardhan all the entire superstructure is elevated on a platform, and both the adjoining shrines face towards East, and is built with soapstone which is extremely easy to chisel into ornately detailed pattern in its original form the horizontal treatment of the outer walls comprises of eight freezers which run continuously along the wall the lowest frieze depicts charging Alison symbolizing strength.

And stability above which in order our freezers with lions which symbolize courage florals clothes as decoration horses symbolizing speed another band of floral Scrolls depictions from the Hindu epics mythical beasts call Makara, and finally a frieze with hunter no two animals are alike in a total free span of over 200 meters about the freezers our larger figures of various Hindu deities the hoysalas were temple is most well known for its sculptures that run all along the outer wall starting with a dancing image of the Lord Ganesh on the left side of the south entrance, and ending with another image of Ganesh on the right-hand side of the northern entrance you in all there are 240 such images, and 35,000 sculpted pieces in the shrine noted for their breathtaking beauty, and dedicate carving the most marvelous being the intricately carved wall pass at the entrance husband goes around the shrine some of the finest wall panels seen our lordship as dancing Natraj Robin lifting the Kailash Mountain lordship with Damon under CASL under his feet.

And Shiv Parvati their various reincarnations of Lord Vishnu the most prominent being Lord Krishna lifting the mountain Govardhana on his finger lord narsimha furiously tearing apart the body of demon hiranyakashyap lord vishnu as varmint, and asserting body bird the interiors of the temple are equally impressive with only three cars huge pillars however some of the pillars are left partially carved. Because of the Muslim invasion equally interesting are the ceilings supported by these pillars each with a distinctiveness of its own the two temple halls are joined by a common veranda creating a spacious columns interior both the Phantoms, and shrine, and east facing Shivling preceded by a number Munt up with a huge monolithic Nandi you – leash for a temple in Holi we do is one of the most remarkable structures the magnitude artistic majesty, and best of carving of the temple is incomparable a much rigid place to admire the finest carvings produced by the highly skilled Indian craftsmen during the great Hoysala empire – it’s where our temple timings are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. hire a guide to make most of your visit best season is from October to March as the weather is cool. So that’s all about who is a laser a temple in Holi we do I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and found the post useful, and informative give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and please comment our blog India gumo to get notified of our future travel post uploads click on the following links to watch more posts from this blog, and thanks for reading.

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