One of the most surprising things on my soul seeker Contiki trip was the Isle of Flores which is an island situated on like Pizza Nitza connected by a small causeway from the main town of santa elena which is where we were staying, this is our view from our accommodation that we are standing at pretty stoked on this. And free afternoon what am.

I gonna do all this time everywhere we went we are surrounded by colorful painted buildings. And just a really relaxed Island vibe, this is such a cute little town guys everything is. So colorful.

VOLCANO DANCE PARTY Antigua Guatemala Photo Gallery

I love it. And our last stop on tour was an hour plane ride into Guatemala City. And then another hour bus to Antigua alright guys.

So right now we are doing a walking tour of antigua guatemala it is absolutely beautiful take a look behind me the buildings the build an older building tucked beneath three volcanoes antigua is a beautiful unesco world heritage colonial town in guatemala, it’s full of colorful Spanish baroque building. And right smack in the middle of the backpackers Central America trail, this is one of the most attractive buildings of what in my life because sides all the earthquakes at a wat Amala or NGO has been through like it still 6 10 since that his altitude was really smart because he got the story like the whole geographical area and, you realize work like the fails were located at. So he actually used something interesting at this church with it which it was a tall big.

And really deep pounding what this basically does is that when there’s an earthquake or a tremor he cannot have solved the whole since week away right which it allows like the building to be more flexible. I’m at chakra shop try to buy chocolate to learn about all the various types of beans make it come on eat a lot of classes. So in the chocolate workshop we got to make our own chocolate now chocolate comes from the Cocola beans which first need to be roasted we then peel away the husks to separate them from the nibs we then take the nibs.

And grind them down. And we did this in two methods first by hand which was very very tough. And the second was by this grinder it was almost like a meat grinder sort of thing much easier.

And then finally we place it into the conch to turn we’re making my dark chocolate. I Chloe step down sugar dark chocolate 70% means seven horses Macalester sugar 88 Macao sugar 90 then. I pick out what sugar.

So here. I’m making my chart insanity listen. I’m 7,000 check out.

And freak out as we spinning for meeting about 22 hours what’s going to happen here that the sugar got to be sold, but at the end you’re not gonna. And yeah they’re going to be seeing me after 22 hours then it was molding time or. I got to pick a bunch of different ingredients to put in our molds the chocolates are filled in.

I don’t think. I’m gonna remember what. I put where, it’s probably open which ones have a chili in it from the husks we also need chocolate tea.

And of course some hot chocolate, but of the spicy Mayan variety with cayenne pepper. And honey hiking. I was working on this this was our volcano hike and I tried to a booking a horse ride okay. I feel like. I made the right choice Shiite alright come on horse back hi King horseback riding up -.

I’m totally volcano pacaya that’s name of a paranoid tomb. And which last erupted in 2010, it’s 2018 out salt 5 years since the last eruption so I think we’re good.

I think we’re good the last big eruption here in this volcano was in 2010. So we can see the direction all the way color was in 2010 invented the dark color, it’s in 8 months ago in this last eruption coming this direction to other side this one. So 8 months ago here was just trees.

And green area. And then was disapper well guys that was the end of my Contiki soul seeker latin america trip. I hope, you enjoyed it if you did make sure, you give it a thumbs up.

And make sure, you comment for my next travel post which is going back to South Africa. So that’s going to be out in a few days. So make sure you’re commentd for that.

And if you want to go back. And watch the posts from the beginning click on the Mexico post that’s playing currently and, you can do that alright bye. ?

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