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When it comes to catching pike, perch or any of the predatory species on canals, there are a lot of reasons to recommend lure fishing. In simple terms, it is an exciting way to search a lot of water. The tackle is light and can be relatively inexpensive, but it can also be extremely effective. A high proportion of my best canal pike and perch were caught on lures.

Perhaps what I like best about lure fishing is its great mobility. A rod, a net, a shoulder bag and you’re away. You can set up and pack away in minutes, making a sneaky session before or after work an easy option. This lightness and flexibility also makes it a brilliant method for those who rely on public transport to go fishing.

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In many ways, lure fishing is also an ideal method for canals. With long casting seldom called for, you can cover virtually all of the water, roaming the towpath in search of fish. And in a nutshell this process of cast and move is the essence of successful lure fishing. Predators are seldom spread out evenly and it is up to you to go and find them Access points and open areas can get heavily fished and are also favoured by poachers. Travel light however and you can reach those interesting areas that are scarcely ever tried.

Seek and Destroy

Lure fishing on any canal is a case of trial and error, in terms of trying different artificials and locations. While you cannot guarantee the next fish that sees your lure will take it, by covering as many hungry mouths as possible you increase your odds hugely. Even on the worst of days, a lure that drops onto a predator’s nose stands a chance of being hit, and in fact the only time you stand zero chance is when the water has frozen over.

The craft of finding the fish becomes much easier on a clear canal, or one full of features. Wherever you try there is an element of guesswork and covering the water. It can also involve a willingness to take some risks, since predators love snags and tight areas.

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