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Haiti, it is often said, is a disaster waiting Hialeah Subway Map to happen” The island of Hispaniola and the country of Haiti are located in a very hazardous Hialeah Subway Map position. As a result, the country has a long history of earthquakes, many of which have resulted in extensive loss of life and destruction of property. Hispaniola lies on top of two tectonic plates, the Caribbean and North American. The Caribbean plate is active, slipping eastward by about 0.79 inches (20 millimeters) a year. In Haiti, the strike-slip fault system branches into two separate fault zones.

Matt checks equipment and goes over the evening’s strategy.

Bev and Melanie’s group went to a back stairway where apparitions had been seen. I joined Matt’s team on stage.

Matt began by introducing the group to whatever spirit might be around and asked if they would give us a sign of their presence. Extending the KII in his hand, he asked the spirits to communicate through the device explaining how they could do that.

We waited in silence. Moments later, Matt mentioned he felt a cool draft. I had felt the coolness as well. I’d also heard a whisper to my leftthe section called stage left. Matt scanned the area with his KII but EMF levels were flat.

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