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Though the books are written for children, adults also can Australia Subway Map appreciate much of the artwork and verbal humour: typical is the name of the head of the Australia Subway Map British Navy, Admiral Sir Splycemeigh Mainbrace! John Ryan is not the only writer to have lived in this part of Rye: another scribe who established himself at this corner of Church Square, at number 38, was Patric Dickinson. Like Bernard Darwin, about whom more below, Dickinson, who was born in 1914, wrote a good deal about golf, and his book, A Round Of Golf Courses, is a well-respected and oft-quoted golfing guide.

However, he is best known as a poet. After the Second World War, he joined the BBC as a trainee but became Features Producer and subsequently Drama Producer, and was in effect the Corporation’s Poetry Editor, meeting or corresponding with every significant poet of that time. His own poetry included collections entitled Theseus And The Minotaur, Stone In The Midst And Other Poems, The Sailing Race, The Scale Of Things, The World I See, and This Cold Universe. It was in the spring of 1947 that Patric Dickinson and his wife Sheila bought a property in Church Square for the palindromic figure of 2855.

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