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The first model follows the implicit logic of offshoring. The developmentalist model assumes a hierarchy ofwork in which the abstract is more important and deemed to be more satisfying than the concrete. In the implicit deal struck by such arrangements, the designer is free from the drudgery of production, leaving the labour to be done by those who, it is presumed, are grateful for the income. Within this model, craft skills are considered a vestige of feudal society. Following this premise, the benefit of technology is to free others from menial chores so that a more creative engagement with the world may be possible.

Anne Black

The atelier model features a master designer whose concepts are realized by skilled artisans. Relatively high wages combined with decline in craft skills has seen some studios outsource their production to cheaper labour in the global South. An example of this can be found in the work of Danish ceramicist Anne Black, who has offshored her production to the Vietnamese village of Bat Trang.

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