Travel safety the most riveting topic of all time jokes aside though, this is probably one of the most helpful posts that, you were gonna watch because trouble safety, it’s a very important thing there are a million things that can go wrong when, you travel the world. I mean there are a million things that can go wrong when, you step out your front door that being said it never hurts to be over-prepared when it comes to safety. So here is a list of precautions.


And things to think about when, you head off into the world safety is all about not making yourself a target most thefts are crimes of opportunity a person might not have set out to steal something that day, but they saw an opportunity. And they took it your goal as a traveler is to try. And minimize those opportunities make sure someone at home has a general idea of your schedule, this is where, you are staying.

And where, you will be things, you are doing friends family. And even social media have emergency info on, you this should be the number. And address to where, you are staying friends that, you could call.

And the local police. And emergency numbers hint, it’s not always 911 because each country has their own number to call. So know that.

And have it written down don’t skimp out on safety sometimes the safer option is the more expensive option. And that’s a cost that in my opinion is worth it so I budget for it safety is not the area of your travels that, you want to be frugal in there are many other areas that, you can cut costs in, but safety not one of them always have a working phone we live in the age of cellular technology, it’s 2018.

And there’s no reason why, you or anyone that, you are traveling with shouldn’t have a working phone with, you always be aware of your surroundings watch your personal space. And watch your personal belongings belonging safety always have your bag strapped across your body. And keep it in front of, you don’t carry anything of value in your back pockets because pickpockets are very skilled especially if you are in large crowds or in public spaces don’t leave your phone or valuables on the table when, you are eating there are numerous scams.

And ways that people can swipe it away from, you without, you even noticing backpacks should have zippers that can lock up or are more difficult to access. So they can’t be access without, you noticing from behind all your important documents should be the most difficult pocket to reach either ones that are up against your back or in the innermost pocket of your backpack locks. And cables are your friends.

I always carry a couple extra locks so I can lock up my bags. And a steel cable.

So if I had to leave my bags unattended for any period of time. I could string them through an immovable object so.

I know that they’ll be at least a bit more safe than if. I just left them there some backpacks even have hidden pockets dedicated for important documents, it’s like. So.

And if you are wiring up your bag. And leaving unattended then slash proof bags are another thing to look at. So someone doesn’t just take a knife.

And cut through your bag because they’re literally wired slash proof material in your bag. So that’s another safety option that, you have a personal alarm is a great idea, it’s definitely not a necessity and I don’t carry one with me all the time, but if it makes, you feel more comfortable then, you can get one ask a local if you really want to know what places are safe.

And which ones are sketchy in a city or country that, you are visiting talk to a local cab drivers or drivers hotel staff restaurant staff they all know the areas that, you should or shouldn’t go to. And most of the time, you don’t even need to ask if you just mention the areas you’re thinking of going to to a local they’ll just offer up the advice. I mean that’s typically what we do if someone asks me about an area that.

I’m from dressed like a local blend in blend in as much as, you can if you don’t dress like a tourist, you won’t feel like one, this is the time to be very inconspicuous with your clothing. And your jewelry keep it simple keep it neutral scams most scams fall under the category of distractions. So they are trying to distract, you in some way or another either somebody’s approaching, you.

And someone’s trying to steal stuff from, you from behind or someone’s trying to sell, you something or they’re trying to give, you incorrect change there’s always typically an element of distractions involved. So be aware of your surroundings. And keep your wits about, you anytime anybody approaches, you now some of these are very common.

And well known. And others are always changing. So, it’s good to just familiarize yourself with any of the local scams in the countries or cities that, you are visiting a simple Google search before, you goes will help, you be where anything happening or any common scams in the area don’t tell strangers right away where, you are staying or if you are alone that, you are alone just be very careful about what personal details, you revealed to strangers right away don’t be a vampire they don’t make very good travelers nighttime is just inherently more dangerous no matter where, you are in the world.

So try And plan most of your travels in the daytime. And if you are going out at night just be extra cautious of how you’re getting to.

And from the places that you’re going to. And that, you aren’t walking alone down dark alleys, you know the typical safety stuff watch the alcohol when, you are going on a night make sure you’re going with a group of friends that, you have a safe ride home. And that, you are not taking your valuables with you.

I mean like. I don’t need to explain what happens when, you consume a lot of alcohol just be safe. And responsible when, you do.

So when you’re traveling because getting your stuff stolen or broken or leaving it at the bar sucks always watch your drink male female just never leave it unattended when it comes to spirits make sure you’re seeing it poured from the bottle that you’re not doing any bootleg spirits. And that, you know the alcohol percentage of the spirit there are like 80 percent spirits out there act confident like, you know what you’re doing. And scammers are less likely to bug, you a lot of people are less likely to bug, you because, you don’t look like a lost tourist target walk with purpose.

And act confident even if you aren’t a hundred percent always trust your gut it is surprisingly good. And knowing what, you should or shouldn’t do. So listen to it unless of course, it’s after a big meal in which case, it’s probably just a bit of indigestion in the media.

And online the world is made out to be a scarier place than it actually is. And the majority of things that, you are worrying about will never happen to, you on your travels, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst if you enjoy this post give it a thumbs up. And down below in the comments let me know if any scams you’ve come across in your travels or you’ve heard of in your travels down below don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog if you aren’t already.

I post new posts each week happy. And safe travels guys bye.

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