Map of Gleneagles Scotland

Hey everybody.

And welcome to the very luxurious five-star Scottish luxury resort hotel of Gleneagles C oh my gosh, it’s really really really pretty. I’m pretty sure. I’ve just found one of the funniest signs.

I’ve ever seen guys watch out for children awkward driving because they’re children. And they’re driving. So probably a good warning sign thank, you ah yes, this is well hey magic cells that, you see they’re lovely.

Map of Gleneagles Scotland Photo Gallery

I don’t want to hurt, you turn on like precious diamonds. And boulders all right hunting. I say we start to 4,000 years ago clear easiest way to know if your bars on Taggart, you look at its feet if it has quite big feet for the size of the bird, you know uses that property for cats.

And bunnies, but used to have little feet little talons. And a back peak then he’s a scavenger relies on has each board in his feet. So because he’s a hunter you’ll never use this PK Vanguard another occasion never paradise yeah if you jump you’d.

And then your fingers not good then use Jax’s these leather strap under your thumb. I remember the fingers not sitting, you make a Festus Jason take a walk is big rabbit, you bring it all over slightly, but, you want to reduce when you’re ready give it a push harder. And open your fingers.

And your glove come to over here. So let’s just keep it away from your face exactly. I’m not a little baby start, you tuck.

And fill it teaches how, you hold on like a house no we said Falcon is all about using these birds to provide us the food. So we need to get her off that rabbit we cover our kill then rape her off your body goes in the bag, this is the only time, you will go for food to come up again when she just caught something yeah she’s amazing, you are a good sport. I am embarrassing, you Wow she is.

So well trained Danny rich. And rounded this. I would say is sort of floral with a touch of smoke and, this is just smoke ready because, you make a blend.

I just add a tiny amount of pistol damage. And it brings out other flavors, it’s the first distillery they ever got, it’s a big component of Johnnie Walker Blue again, it’s this already rich whiskey. So if you like quite flavors in this do, you okay.

So definitely do some of the single plane. And then this one with key this was light up. And fruity yes.

I took, you guys to that got just over a hundred. So that then, you can try it. And then bottle after process.

And whatever, you like Oh God Oh guys. I might have poured too much yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s trusting my hand to make a good seal. And it smells good yeah that Stephanie still whiskey because Matt here is a expert travel blogger budgeting backpacking.

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