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The Sandys faction also tried to reorganize the colony on the basis of representative government. Best country to visit in November This replaced the system of almost absolute military rule by company governors, including the notoriously corrupt and tyrannical Samuel Argall, appointed governor in 1617. The new system divided power between a governor and council appointed by the company in London and burgesses elected from Virginia towns and plantations on a relatively wide franchise. Sir Francis Wyatt, a Sandys relation, was chosen as governor late in 1620. He was accompanied to Virginia by his close friend George Sandys in the recently created post of treasurer of the colony, to which he had been appointed on May 2, 1621. Wyatt and Sandys had ambitious plans to establish self-sustaining agriculture and even industry in the new colony. The Sandys leadership was handicapped by lack of business experience and limited knowledge of the situation in Country. Soon after 1620, the company came under fierce attack in both Virginia where the native attack of March 22, 1622, had resulted in the deaths of over 300 colonists and London, where Edwin Sandys had to contend with the king’s fury.

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