Khartoum Subway Map

Research also demonstrates that Iron Age settlers here created a kind Khartoum Subway Map of crude saltern, using very small lined pits to trap sea water. Your coast path rounds Khartoum Subway Map Chidham Point – look to your left for good views of the Regency Cobnor House – then swings south-eastwards towards Cobnor Point; the path peters out for a while, and you will have to walk on the shingle.

Fortunately your battle with the shingle is short-lived, as you soon come to a flight of steps which take you up on to a path constructed by the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and designed to be wheelchair friendly. You pass round Cobnor Point, and it is from here that you will obtain super views across Chichester Harbour to Itchenor, one of the primary sailing centres in Chichester Harbour and indeed on the Sussex coast. You feel as though there really ought to be a ferry to whisk you across the waters for lunch in the village pub! In fact the only ferry link across Chichester Harbour from Itchenor is with Bosham, and that service has not always been reliable, the boatman having been forced to row the boat on the not infrequent occasions when the motor broke down. You must now briefly leave the waterside to pass through a grassy area on the landward side of some houses, but a signed footpath soon leads you back to the water’s edge.

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