PUNO PERU – Man Made Islands

I’m Eagles chuckles. And chicas rural. And hey guys, it’s been an early one we rush to the Train.

I realized. I forgot stuff the hotel so. I took it on their taxi back to the hotel to get my stuff.

And then basically. I spritz it to the train right as. I was going.

And now we’re going to Lake Titicaca which is about ten. And a half hours away from Cusco my Cusco Kathy was explaining the history of the Incans. And she was saying that two Incans came out of Lake Titicaca where we’re heading now in near puno and.

PUNO PERU – Man Made Islands Photo Gallery

I guess they threw a javelin. And it wherever it landed was gonna be like the capital city. And it landed in Cusco, but she tried to explain in javelin, but she didn’t know the English words she’s like, you know the game stick on the ground this is.

So cool. I’ve never been on a train like this except like two days ago, but still like other than those two days. So right now we’re taking the train through this really quiet little city and.

I don’t even know the name of it, but, you can see how most of the Peruvians live like for me, this is the coolest thing about the train ride is just being able to go through the countryside through the small little cities of small little towns. And just seeing what Peru really is outside of the big cities. And the tourist destinations.

And, it’s a very beautiful country lots of mountains lots of rivers have been absolutely stunning here there are hundreds of llamas in Oh Paco’s oh my God look we’re at 4319 meters of altitude, you can definitely feel it. I was okay in Cusco now. I’m starting to feel a little bit in my head, it’s it’s lightness in the air it is now lunchtime.

And we just got this amazing green potato soup. I’m not into this whole take pictures of your food before, you eat it kind of thing, you just devour it yeah he’s like an anaconda he just swallows it whole just sits in there just digests we have the beef tenderloin we’re heating our lunch all the way up in the mountains. And like, it’s a landscape that.

I’ve never seen before now we’re out in the countryside. And we’re really seeing the raw side of things that’s just. So good okay ten.

And a half hours later we have just arrived here, you know. And now, it’s time to head to our hotel tomorrow morning we’ve got an entire day trip set up so. We’ll be showing, you the real world tomorrow but.

I just wanted to say if you plan to come to Peru try to find a way to fit in for a rally to schedule, it’s seriously the most enjoyable way to see the country even though, it’s a long haul it felt pretty easy to get here. And. I’m ready to hit those down salute them welcome to The Bachelor Pad the in tika hotel here in puno even though it was 10 hours of the most like enjoyable luxury travel, it’s still travel.

And it feels good to be here, this is a nice bit about two nights here tomorrow they have an entire day of activity set up they’re gonna be showing us the main thing people come to see here in puno. And that is the man-made islands, but while. I talk about it when.

I can show you. So let’s go to tomorrow when does the US. And it is.

So bright right now we are currently at Lake Titicaca all right guys we’ve made it. So we’ve just arrived at tequila not tequila island about an hour. And a half later, it’s nice a little boat ride the water super calm, this is South America’s largest lake, this is at 4,000 meters high.

I’m already feeling light of breath after doing that little vlog moment, it’s gonna be tiring. So our guide is incredibly informative. And he was just explaining to us that when we go into the town oh my gosh chicken attack we’re gonna see the different tires that they wear.

And everyone makes their own stuff by hand, you can see from the women whether they’re single or married by the size of the palm palm get the where’s your pom-pom are, you saying the average age here is like a hundred to 120 years old which, you can only assume that if that’s true probably has a lot to do with the diet do, you wanna explain what do, you think. I didn’t fully understand ray-ray yeah great. So, you remember girls have pom-poms yeah they have predominant color in the pompon.

So they put that a thread of that corner yeah in a place where they would like to meet with their loved ones or maybe if they are looking for a boyfriend they will put it here. So sometimes they just put it here or they put it in the earth. And they write a number.

And that means that they will have a date oh. So they’re setting a meeting time oh my gosh that’s so romantic Yuda dude, you too dude really really yeah SuperDuper cow making moves really really yeah like really charcoal II looking thing.

And they’re like it is. And Jamie just said, this is how, you wake up. I think colorful clothing.

And stuck on this island my mom says not to take things from strangers. I just had the cocoa leaves with that weird little brick looking thing together at first it was okay then about ten seconds in. I was still chewing it.

And it got this really weird aftertaste. And it’s so hard to swallow places where it hits in here comes the trip boy yeah those are the same leaves that they use to make cocaine no it doesn’t actually have any effects of cocaine without certain processes which.

I don’t actually know how to do it, but yeah yeah that’s the most fascinating thing. So when a man proposes to a woman says will, you marry me he goes into her house. And basically what she does is she takes the hatch that he knitted she will put water inside the Hat.

And if water comes outside of the Hat that means he’s not a very good knitter. And she’ll probably say no yeah. I would not get married here there’s currently a traffic jam on the 99, it’s recommended, you take alternate routes all right.

So we are saying goodbye – taquile island. And we’re now heading to another Island this one’s completely different we’re going to an island that has been man-made. So these read routes is the base of everything we’re on right now basically this village is just sitting on top of a bunch of reeds financially speaking, this is one of the poorest places in all of Peru, but, you know monetary wealth doesn’t define everything.

And, it’s interesting to see how they live because, it’s very different everything from their housing their clothing the thing that they live on, it’s all made of this Reed, it’s insane imagine, this is the base. I don’t know well that’s essentially us right here right platform guess then, it’s just floating around in the water, but, it’s big enough that, you don’t notice, it’s floating damn that’s the first base yeah then they crisscross it with the second base many many rates right yeah apparently they call this boat the taxi romantic Oh basically The Love Boat The Love Boat. And why is that because two people living it.

And then they come back three they come back with little babies another one is vulgar, this is similar to frog. So there are 115 islands here in this little area. And they’re all floating they’re all just like this one built up on reeds the best thing that he said though if you don’t like your neighbor let’s say your neighbor was lazy and, you weren’t getting along, you can just separate from them by sawing them off.

So that’s how there’s become 115 islands it didn’t start that way. So, this is a typical home hello George. So, this is a home for four people in here.

And, it’s very very very basics just a mattress few little carpets hung up on the wall for decoration get your palm home going yeah your big rumors coming in hot oh we have just gone off the boat that has been the end of the day here with. I’m our route tour groups. And they did an amazing job like really they showed us some of the most beautiful points they gave us insight into the culture we got to meet the locals.

And for me that’s what visiting puno was all about. So. I’m very pleased.

I can leave here checking it off knowing that. I saw the main things to see is our final moments here at puno the bags are packed. And we’re checking out of the Antigua hotel.

I just wanted to say that, it’s been an unbelievable stay really thankful to have been here. And if you’re coming in this area, it’s definitely hotel we’re checking out. We’ll see, you in the next post.

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