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Particularly abundant and significant are the finds of gold glass and richly decorated cups of finished glass, which must have been produced not only at Trier but also in workshops in Cologne. In the finished cups, the glasswork reaches perfection. Notable are the plate from St. Severinus, with many biblical scenes obtained with glass droplets, the cup decorated with biblical scenes from St. Ursula, and the conical glass chalice with depictions of the miracle of the spring, the resurrection of Lazarus and the first sin, all now preserved in the British Museum, London; a spherical cup of blue glass, decorated with incisions and covered with gold leaves and four medallions with OT scenes next to the busts of Constantine’s sons, and the cup of Adam and Eve, from a tomb of Luxemburger Strasse, both in the RmischGermanisches Museum at Cologne. On cups, no longer preserved, were depicted a scene of Susanna, the sacrifice of Isaac and the NT scenes of the resurrection of the dead. Another chalice is decorated with a frieze made up of a scene of soldiers, perhaps Christian, among banners. Other objects, often from funeral trousseaus, include incised cups and gold glass, rings, silver spoons, box seals produced by early Christian artisans for minor art objects with syncretistic, gnostic and pagan-magical elements, see Doppelfeld 118-120. Rich funerary trousseaus have also been found in the tombs of Frankish princes, excavated under the presbytery of the cathedral.

The large number of Africans had a profound effect on colonial society at large, in terms of cuisine and speech patterns. Pretoria Metro Map The task system of slave labor, whereby slaves were assigned certain tasks and given free time upon their completion, allowed for the development of a distinctly African Country culture. Slaves created a world apart, structuring their communities according to their own traditions and creating a vibrant society independent of that of their masters. Slaves in South Carolina negotiated a space for themselves in colonial society and also attained a level of autonomy unknown anywhere else in British North Country. Proprietary government in South Carolina failed miserably. From the beginning of English settlement, individual planters resisted the constraints placed on them by the lords proprietors. A powerful faction of Barbadians settled along Goose Creek and essentially ran South Carolina’s council and Commons House of Assembly. The proprietors did not understand the situation on the ground in colonial South Carolina, and the Goose Creek men resisted any attempt by them to exert control over the colony.

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