Best Travel Destinations By Yourself

Best Travel Destinations By Yourself

Travelling is our own best teacher; for, it’s through travel that we get to truly learn about ourselves. It’s the one true catalyst that reveals who we really are; how we handle challenges; how we deal with defeat; how we manage success; and, how we respond or react to different situations.

It is the only true medium open to us to truly understand and learn to appreciate cultural, ethnic, sociological, religious and other differences of peoples across the globe; and, to make quality life-lasting memories.

There’s a child in each one of us; for, curiosity is an important part of our makeup; and, it’s through it that we learn. The more the curiosity, the more we learn. When we stifle or starve our curiosity, we stifle and starve our ability to enjoy life. To feed our curiosity, we need to feed our minds with various regular diets of travel which is like food, water and rest to the body.

There is a Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo in each one of us, just as there are both male and female hormones. All we have to do is to activate that desire within to travel, see, learn, experience and enjoy!

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Sometimes, it takes somebody to give us the push; or, even a swift kick in the rear; or, for us to become dare devilish and do whatever it takes. For example, why would a female decide to take the male testosterone hormone? For good reason! Not just to ease pain; but to go, sexually, where she has never gone before. To reach heights never before attained. To dream, fantasize, widen her horizon and push back her sensual sky ceiling!

That’s what travel does to our ordinary lives. It adds the extraordinary to the ordinary to spice it up; for, it transforms our life and lifestyle forever, depending on the regularity, quantity and quality of the dosage.

That’s why a teacher, lawyer, accountant or other career professional in America or Canada or England or China would suddenly and quite unexpectedly quit their jobs; put on a backpack to travel across and experience life and living in New Zealand or Australia or the Southeastern Asian countries of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam; or, travel to experience what life and living is all about in the low cost of living destinations of India and the Philippines.

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